First Post!

First post from Windows Live Writer:

Although it was designed to work with Windows Live Spaces, Live Writer supports several other blogging services and packages including Community Server (the blogging package I use). Live Writer is basically a compact word processor for blog posts. Some of the features include: previewing posts before they go live, editing entries that have already been posted, support for inserting pictures and maps, spellchecking and an SDK for developing plugins. The only missing feature I would like to see at this point is the ability to edit categories or "tags", however I believe this may appear in a future build.

One of the biggest barriers to frequent blogging, for me, seems to be the hassle of having to login to the blog's website, create a new entry, wait for pages to load, etc. With Live Writer I can casually write my entries without having to suffer through the annoyance of a "web application". So now I have no excuse for not blogging!

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